A Gentleman's Hug Scented Candle

A Gentleman's Hug Scented Candle

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Inspired by a man’s cologne, A Gentleman’s Hug has a scent that is spicy, woody, aromatic and husky, all blended into one candle. As its name suggests, we believe it smells just like a true gentleman. Burn this at home and let the scent envelop your home.

All candles are made of 100% cocosoy wax and are hand poured with love in Singapore. They are free from sulphate, parabens and phthalates. There is absolutely no animal testing and they are totally vegan. Breathe Essentials Co uses eco friendly wood wicks as it burns cleaner.


Volume: 300ml

Burn time: Approximately 45 hours 


Candle Care

Candles should be burnt for at least an hour for its scent to completely come through. This also prevents tunnelling. Candles should not be burnt for more than 4 hours at one time. When there is only ¼ of an inch of wax left, candles should not be lit. Keep candles in a cool and dry place.